Q: Is it always necessary to create an account before placing an order?
A: Creating an account on Kiddies Vise’s is not mandatory, and you can visit and shop from our website without signing up for registration. However, signing up at our platform can help you track your order easily after you have registered.

Q: How will I know if Kiddies Vibe has received my order?
A: Once you have placed and confirmed your order on our website, you will receive a confirmation email at the address you provided us while placing the order. It can also be confirmed from the account dashboard on our website if you have created your account.

Q: Can I reserve the item by just leaving it in my shopping cart?
A: Please remember that no reservations are made by just adding the item to the cart. However, the item stays in the cart if you have signed up and logged in.

Q: A product in your collection is just not what I am looking for. Can you make it to my design and preferences?
A: Yes, why not. We can customize our designs to suit your needs and preferences. If what you are looking for is not precisely what we have in our collection, don’t worry. We can also change the style of our product that goes with your requirements.
For customization, please email us at info@kiddiesvibe.com before placing an order.

For alterations, please book an appointment with us HERE to discuss your requirements with our representative.