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Welcome to the Kiddies Vibe!

At Kiddies Vibe, we create designs that infuse Western styles into the specialty African Ankara fabrics as well as African traditional styles. We transform fabrics and more into beautiful artistic creations that turn heads around for a second look at you.

Our range of clothing line includes our children’s clothing category: casual and party outfits. Our family specialty outfits are focused on spreading the love that binds families together: mummy & daughter, daddy & son outfits, and Siblings matching outfits all of which can be ready to wear, made to order and customized to clients preferences…we love to see those smiles come through.

We help you complete your perfect look with our beautiful Ankara accessories, ranging from head gears, ties, suspenders, cross body bags and lots more. Do you have a special event you want to remember for a long time? We have you covered with our birthday props & decoration items created with a touch of the African Ankara fabrics.

Kiddies Vibe is a Canadian-African growing brand that stands out with its unique designs and styles. We take special care in handcrafting each of our pieces to deliver products of great quality and finishing. 

Our Story and About the Designer

Kiddies Vibe started off in October 2018 with affiliate marketing and sharing ideas and sales coupons from other brands until the founder decided to take the bold step of launching her brand in June 2022 which is focused on bringing a touch of Africa to the North American fashion market by infusing the western style with the specialty African Ankara fabric and creating timeless fashion pieces.

Nwando holds a Masters degree in Petroleum Geosciences from University of Alberta but she started her fashion career under the tutelage of her Mom who has inspired her to express herself through her many designs in dressmaking, a talent that was discovered at an early age of 8 years old.  Throughout her over 20-year journey in the industry, she has received numerous compliments for her innovation, creativity and unique designs. Nwando is a professional fashion designer that is on a mission in changing the trends in the fashion world with her innovative designs.

Nwando is a wife and a mother. She and her husband are based in Edmonton, Alberta. They are blessed with two amazing kids, who are always eager to pose for the camera and so are her first models. Her love for dressing up her kids affordably and stylishly and her passion to see kids dress up beautifully has given birth to Kiddies Vibe, an opportunity for her to extend her design pieces to the world beyond her family and friends. 

In her passion for arts and design, Nwando spends her leisure time expressing her love for art and designs and on projects promoting Kiddies Vides. She has recently featured on a number of events locally including  Asake an African Fashion Show, K-Days Maker’s Fair, Heritage Festival, Alberta Day, Black Canadian Women (BCW) in Action Expo, Scotia Women Initiative (SWI) Expo , and NCAE Nigerian Independence Gala night.

What We Offer

At Kiddies Vibe, the focus is showcasing the specialty Ankara fabric to produce mix and match outfits for a gorgeous look for casual and special events. With our range of customized and made-to-order outfits for both children and parents, we are sure to relieve you of the hassle of ordering outfits from Africa and the challenges with fitting and sizing. We bring the African fashion to everyone in North America in the styles that they can easily relate to made with African Ankara fabrics. We offer measurement services and alteration of outfits that we make that need adjustments at no extra charges. We can help you plan a family outfit for that milestone birthday, big event, or photoshoot

Our ready to wear and made-to-order “Mum and daughter”, “Dad and son” and sibling outfit and accessories are simply unique and gorgeous. 

We also produce custom-made hair accessories, cross-body bags, unique props, designed alphabets, and numbers made by incorporating Ankara fabrics into the decor and themes.

Whether you are African, Caucasian, or have a blended family, or if you love showing African heritage through fashion or you love to wear colourful and beautiful outfits, then Kiddies Vibe has got you covered! So Click here  and lets get you booked for an appointment to get you dressed up for your next event.

Get the best outfits at the best prices now and please tag @kiddies_vibe on Instagram or @kiddiesvibe on Facebook and TikTok.


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